New findings around Inca Trail

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Retaining walls, platforms, water channels and evidence of burial sites were recently discovered.

Researchers from the Culture Department in Cusco (DDCC) found new archaeological evidence near one of the Inca trails that lead to the ancient ruins of Machu Picchu, on a hill called Taparayoq-Tunasmoqo, at kilometer 88 kilometer of the Cusco railway line.

In the lower part of the hill there is evidence of circular and rectangular enclosures, retaining walls, platforms, water channels and graves that date back to the intermediate and late Inca period.

In the middle and upper parts of the rock, scientist found cave paintings associated with funeral sites.

The paintings have geometric and anthropomorphic shapes, including: camelids, birds, foxes, snakes, toads, as well as figures similar to corn, circles and straight lines, mostly in red.

“By the combination of several elements we can interpret that these iconic representations show the Andean ideologies, their cult for water, fertility and the notion of group collective,” explained archaeologist Francisco Huarcaya, responsible for the network of Inca Trails and discoverer of these particular findings.


New findings around Inca Trail

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(Photo: InfoBae/Belmond)

La inauguración de la ruta del Belmond Andean Explorer está prevista para mayo de 2017, por ello PerúRail, la empresa de trenes que también regenta las rutas hacia Machu Picchu ultima detalles para lo que será la operación de este ferrocarril considerado el más lujoso de Latinoamérica.

El tren partirá desde el Cusco y atravesará diferentes llanuras, valles, montes y quebradas hasta llegar al lago Titicaca en Puno.

El servicio ofrecerá variados platos de la gastronomía peruana y un bar donde se prepararán cócteles a base de pisco. Esta nueva opción buscará ser una alternativa para unir los paisajes más imponentes del sur del país.